I haven’t written as much on here as I dreamt I would.  In all honesty, it has taken every ounce of my energy and time to stay focused on life.  There have been very few surprises since surgery.  Things really have gone pretty well.  I had to get fluids a couple times because I’ve struggled – and continue to struggle – with getting my fluids in.  It’s strange because I have a desk job for the most part and even with my water beside me I forget to drink it.
To date I’ve lost 50 lbs since the start of this journey back in August.  I would like to say I’ve lost more and that it’s just rolling off but that’s just not true.  I feel better, I go to the gym about 4 days a week and an trying to increase that.  Being in college (again) leaves little time for what I want to do.
I’ve discovered that recently most foods are making me nauseous so is hit or miss with eating.  Fish seems to give me quite a bit of difficulty.  Salads have been my best friend until recently and now they are nauseating too. 
My meals per day typically consist of a shake for breakfast, done sliced cheese and/or yogurt mid morning.  Lunch is a salad or some leftover grilled chicken.  Late afternoon I have a protein bar and dinner is whatever we fix or grab.  We have neighbors who own a Mexican restaurant and know what I’ve gone through so they hook me up with dinner grilled chicken and avocado if the family just has to eat out.
If I get to the gym I try to have a small protein shake after my workout unless I’m just too nauseated.  And I don’t always get all this food in each day either.
I’ve vomited a few times.  A couple from food getting stuck and done from just that one bite too many.
Bowel movements are my worst nightmare.  It just doesn’t happen like I need it to.  My menstrual cycle is a wreck.  It’ll come on and last 2 weeks, stop a few days and start spotting again for several days, then start again. 
I had a history of kidney stones since I was 9 and had heard it was possible to be at increased risk after surgery.  Well, I had one this morning.  I can so do without that.
I go to visit my family in another month and they haven’t seen me since surgery.  I’m excited and hoping I have more weight gone when they see me!
Good luck to all as we continue this journey!



Worst Day Ever

A word of advice:  Don’t be too quick to assume that Miralax is the answer to the bloated feeling you have after surgery.  I felt like I was bloated to the point of it being painful in my upper abdomen.  I’d tried walking, gas-x and had a Dulcolax suppository in the hospital.  Last night I felt so bloated I was having a hard time getting my protein and water in so I decided to try Miralax.  About 20 minutes after taking it, my stomach began gurgling and it was almost as if no matter which way I turned I could hear and feel everything sloshing around.  I finally got to sleep but spent my night dreaming of somewhere to use the bathroom.  I woke up this morning with wicked diarrhea and the continued gurgling.  I felt so weak and so nauseated.  I would have given anything to still be bloated than to feel this way.  I managed to shower which nearly wiped me out and took a Zofran and started sipping on my protein.  Now 2 hours later I feel a bit better although my stomach is still rumbly.  It still feels like there’s a bunch of gas in there that needs to come out but now I’m afraid to pass gas for fear I’ll mess my pants!  I’d take bloated over this if I could go back in time.
Another weird thing is that the scales hadn’t really moved until today.  Suddenly I’m down 4.4 lbs!  I’m sure that may have a bit to do with me feeling crummy too.  I’d like to request a non-bloated, non-nauseated slow and steady pace please!  My body feels like I’ve been beaten up and I’m sore everywhere.  I’m headed too so some light walking in hopes that makes me feel human.
Good luck to all of you out there and trust me when I say you may not be as bloated or constipated as you think!

Post-op Day 3

Well I made it through surgery (RNY) with flying colors.  I was up walking within 2 hours of surgery and pain was minimal.  Getting the fluids in was a challenge – my mouth was so dry that I just wanted to guzzle water and I knew I couldn’t. 

I got home yesterday evening and had to immediately try to come up with a schedule for getting my protein and water in.  I have no desire at this time to try anything beyond those 2 things.  My husband fixed dinner for the rest of the family and while it smelled so good I can honestly say I didn’t want even a taste.

The weird part is the gurgling when you take a drink.  Imagine the sound made when water drains in a sink.  That’s what it sounds like and it’s so strange!  Taking meds has been a challenge as well.  I haven’t felt pain so much as just a full feeling and the gurgling moves into my throat.  Time to stop at that point.

I’m excited to start seeing results so that all this chaos and weirdness is worth it.

Looking forward to getting more active too!  For those reading this I wish you much luck and success!

The Start of a New Beginning

Way back in August 2015, a nurse (who worked for me) and I began talking about the weight we needed to lose.  At that time I weighed in at 305 lbs and knew I had to get healthy.  I’d succeeded with Weight Watchers in the past but couldn’t drop more than about 45 lbs and my job promotion was a management position…. No more running around the ER nonstop.  The weight crept back up until I weighed more than I started at.  I was depressed.  I couldn’t help but have moments where I’d obsess over what would happen if I would die with such young children.  The problem is that I loved food.  I loved to cook for my family, I loved to cook for others and I loved to taste while cooking.   We decided we were going to visit the hospital’s bariatric clinic to see how it worked.  They have a plan that only costs $200 out of pocket and we could payroll deduct the rest.  I knew during that first session this was for me and I signed up immediately.

From August until January I had to attend 2 classes a month varying from physician led to dietician led and go through a series of psychiatric tests.  Before I knew it, it was time to meet with the surgeon and get the final steps rolling.  It was a comfort that my nurse signed up with me and we are scheduled for surgery the same day!

I’ve now been on Optifast 800 for 2 weeks and have 2 weeks to go.  The first 3 days were awful.  I was hungry, irritable and had horrible food cravings.  We began going to the gym at lunch and walking a minimum of 1 mile.  Today I am down approximately 14 lbs (weigh in day is Tuesday) and the thing that keeps me going is surgery day.

I don’t in any way think this is going to be easy but I do know it’s going to be worth it.